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$120 US  (a year)

Prosodia Server, offers the most competitive prices for LINUX-based web hosting services, while offering the best web hosting services and features. Our concept: "We sell you today only what your site needs today.  Standard cPanel Allow you to control over every aspect of your hosting account

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Montreal: 438-875-3626

Goods and services provided by
Prosodia Server  (ON, Canada).

Sold by Inc. (Ohio, USA).


At Prosodia Server, you only pay for services you actually need, with the feasibility to expand your scope of needs as required. Our concept: "We sell you today only what your site needs today. If you need additional services later, you can buy them then. With Prosodia Serve, you'll never pay for services you don't need!"

  Your Account
1000mb Disk Space
10 PopMail accounts
10 SubDomains (with FTP)
3 Mailing lists
Unlimited transfer
Unlimited Mail AutoResponders
Unlimited Mail Forwarders
24/7 FTP Access
SMTP server
Full CGI support, Perl 5.6
PHP 4.x
ePerl, Python, C++
Server side includes SSI
MySQL database
FrontPage web extension
FTPs and SubDomains
Mime Types and Cron Jobs
Custom error pages
Changeable MX record
MySQL Logins, PHPMyAdmin
Webmail program
Webalizer,Analog & AW Stats
Password protected directories
Linux RedHat 7.3 OS
Apache 1.3.X
24/7 Server Monitoring
OC3 Connectivity to Servers
%99.9 Uptime guaranteed
VDI DataCenter, NJ, USA
Sofware Included